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 Halloween is the time of year for dress ups and candy! Below is a bunch of photos form my Halloween of 2014! I had quite fun and joyed spending the time with my brothers and mom. I like Halloween but not the coldness that comes with it. First my little brother and I kick of the season by drawing punkins! He covered his is monsters and mine is the classic goofy one. Then weeks later it was Halloween. It came out of no where. So, I didn't have time to put a costume together. So, dressed in black and orange; colored my hair, silver, blue and a bright purple/pick. Now, time to start the trick 'n' treating. We went to all the main stores. The town I live in parks cop cars, firetrucks, ambulance and the library sets up a table all behind the court house for the children in town. (Below are pics) It's fun and a safe way. All in all this was a great chilly Halloween. I hope you all had fun! 
I would love to see your guys Halloween posts so please feel free to leaven your links below! 

                                          My Little Brother & his pumpkin!                   My pumpkin!

              My two brothers, my mom & I!

My brothers shared there candy, it wasn't a super cold night at first but that's because we went our early. It did rain a bit but was after we got home, later that night. I was inside with tea and a watching WWE Network. Most winters here are to cold so it was nice that it wasn't a super, freezing to death cold. Just a cold.

My little brother keep calling my other brother Jack Frost & that's what he went as.
 Here is also my two brothers & our mom!

My brothers and I! My younger brother has blue hair while my little brother is a army zombie!

My mom and I! We went kinda matching this year! I love this colors of our hair!

This is where the trick 'n' treating takes place. There are quite a lot of little kids, candy and a lot of Frozen & Spider-Man costumes.

I would love to see your posts about Halloween to so please comment the link below! Thanks!

Happy Late Halloween!

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