Top Ten Book Themed Halloween Party

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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish.
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Harry Potter, this is my dream party! I've dressed up as HP character but have not yet gone to a HP Halloween Party!
Take quiz to find out what house you would end up in? Play the spell app game!

How fun would it be to care a bow around? Or better yet, how cool would it to have Effie hair?

Wonderlad! Dress up all crazy, mixed matched cloths, bright colors, it would be so much fun!
That's right! 
The Mortal Instruments! 
(I had to add this now only because of the books and characters but because I can NOT wait for the T.V. show to start!)
 This would be fun have a table set up wear guest could get mark!
Divergent! I've just finished the last book, I've been putting it off as the end was spilled for me but I need to finish it so I just jumped in. I think the outfits that could be wear to this would be cool. Also, guess could take quiz to find out when they would end up!

Need I say anything! Blue box, so many different kind of characters!!

I have read part of book one book of Game of Thrones and have not yet seen the show, but I still think this would make a great party theme and I do know there's quite a few characters too!

This is yet another series I have sadly haven't read but once again think that Splintered-themed party ideas would make an amazing Halloween themed party!

Twilight! With the new book out, I felt that this would be a great party theme. Just think of all you Twihards, with a themed party talking about the new book!
Edgar Allan Poe Theme Party!!! 
I love Edgar Allan Poe and this is like the creeps party I have listed because I am not a huge fan of spooky stuff, but do feel this would make one sick party!

What's your dream Halloween Party? 
Who are you going to be this Halloween?

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