Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

1:43 PM

Wow. It's that simple when it comes to this story. The witness and heart that John Green bring to life on these pages will melt the heart of any reader. The lines flow together to tell the story of Hazel in a way that will touch souls; no matter the age of the reader. The love story that develops between Hazel and Augustus Waters is one that I won't be able to forgets. The side character of Isaac is one that I enjoyed quite a lot, he brought a different side into the story that would have been missing if he wasn't there. Augustus's witness is a joy to read.
When I began reading this, I thought I know how it was going to end. I believed I knew how the path was going to go but I was wrong. And in the end ,yes I did cry, but it was an amazing story. The Fault in Our Stars is a must read that will show that love is strong, and we never get a say so in our lives in the way we would like. 


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