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So, I know I'm not the only one who have thought about an alternate ending to The Fault in Our Stars. All the what if's and unknown ideas that can and do form in these minds of ours is endless well. But a young author on Movellas has once again taken the air from my lungs as reading the short story It's No Longer Just a Metaphor by Synchrochic333.
I've given time to think about what if Hazel Grace was to go first Leaven behind a sadden, heart broken, Augustus Waters. Would it be sadder? More painful? This young writer has opened the door to one way an reversed alternate ending could go.
Synchrochic333, has filled the short story up with passion and feeling that The Fault in Our Stars fans will enjoy reading. Many part reminded me of the Augustus Waters that John Green had filled with our hearts. The witness she was able to keep while writing a sad ending for him is amazing. Synchrochic333's play on words is magnificent. One line that stand out more for me was “I just felt numb, like a zombie, like a corpse.” Any one who has wanted or has thought of the 'What if's” of an alternate ending should give this a read. 

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