Short Story: Dispute

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This is a short story I wrote a bit ago and been dabbling in the idea of turning it in to a novel so I could have the chance to develop this idea that I have started here. So, below is the short story and the first time of me sharing a full piece of my work; let just say the butterflies are here...    


We can’t live like this!” I voice filled the air with power.
We have not choice!” Another yelled back.
We can’t agree!” I female’s voice yelled.
I remember only being eight when the argument began in this room. The room was split in half. One side was filled gray shade of clothing. The air seemed sifted. There was no emotion coming from them. They gave themselves the name, Immunity. Meaning together as one; they don’t believe in being different, showing off. They want control; making all the same. Where there would be no hate, jealousness, or anything in that line.
I can remember seeing a boy around my age just standing there; he had green eye; it was the only color I seen over there. While it was killing me to sit as the adults’ debate over how we should live.
Looking behind me, I see that the clothes have color. There is no glumness around us. My older brother told me we call ourselves Collected witch means being different, easygoing, and poised.
We are too different, black and white, night and day. How are we to live and make a life when we are so different?
Nine years later I awake up from my dream. This isn’t the first time I’ve dreamed that day. It’s been nine year and we still have not come to an agreement. Now of the age of seventeen I have to spend my days debating instead of learning at school or working. I’m half glad; half scared, as I don’t know what to say. I have no planes or thoughts about how to live. We are rude to one another. We don’t like each other. I don’t know why we stay here or how we even got here. None of the adults will tell me or the other ones my age. They always replay the same ‘You’ll lean, when the time is right.’
I walk in the room it’s just was I remember it from a little kid. My eyes sweep the room. Stopping on a guy around my age; he had the same green eyes as that little boy from years ago. It was probably him. There wasn’t that many of us.
“Welcome new ones.” A voice of an older man said. He had black hair, gray clothes and eyes.
“Yes, welcome new ones.” Said another meal voice; he had blond hair, blue eye and clothes.
It was hours in, trying not to drift to sleep as people debate.
“It’s been nine years.” I women spoke. “The children who came here are now younglings become adults. The world they grew up in, they shouldn’t have, not for a Collected or Immunity.” I sat up as knowing people would be looking at me. May I ask our two new younglings to please tell us what out lives growing up was like?” If I was right, I believe her name was Beth.
All there eye were either on the boy in gray or me, the girl in color.
“I’m a Collected…” I said standing up. Unsure what I’m going to say or do. “I don’t remember coming here but I remember the life after. I would see little kids in gray playing and I would want to join them. Asking my mother if I could, she said no that it wasn’t aloud and to never ask again. At that age I didn’t understand why I couldn’t play with the kids in gray.” I didn’t realize I was looking at the floor. “Then it was the middle of summer, the Collected’s were having a wedding. I was around eleven then when I asked my mother, if a Collected and Immunity has or could get married. My mother said, that would never happen, we’re like summer and winter, spiting and fall; too different. Still at that age I didn’t understand why.” I looked up; holding my head high.
“Do you know?” Asked, Beth, female from the Collected side.
“I would rather not say.” I sat back down.
Feeling the eyes leave me slowly. Looking to the other side I see the guy with green eyes. For the first time I seen him showing a bit of emotion, confusion.
Whispers filled the air around me. Uneasy feeling of unsureness began to rise up from my stomach.
“I’m Immunity. I too, know what it’s like growing up like this. Just like the Collected girl; I only remember life once we got here. Asking my parents why Collected and Immunity went to separate schools. They told me because they were tough unusual learning. When I was older I was out helping my mother with her shopping. Less them a bloc apart from each other an Immunity man and a Collected man were sealing the same idea. The Collected man was selling his for less. I figured that my mother would go to him as at that time money was skim for us. But she when to the Immunity man, getting less for here money; when I asked why she replied saying. Immunity stay together, we don’t need Collecteds; keep the money in with our own people. I always wonder why we have to keep each other part, why is so bad about the other.”
“Do you know?” Beth asked him.
What he said made me think. I wasn’t the only one. I looked at him a bit confused. This is how he must have felt after what I said. For a few second we just looked at each other. Could this be a new start?
But I thought to soon. “If you ask me they didn’t turn out so bad.” A tall mans voice rang out from the Collected side.
“But how do you know that?” Some spatter at him from the Immunity side.
“Because she didn’t turn out like you!” He said.
I felt pain and anger burst though me. How could he say that? How that must of stung the Immunity.
“We’ll at less he didn’t turn out like you.” A different Immunity yelled.
Yelling voices filled the air. Louder and louder until I head couldn’t take it any more. Placing my hands over my ears, trying to block out the yelling voice but that didn’t help. Why is this happing? This has never happened before.
“Stop!” I voice yelled. “Can’t you see that it’s hurting her?” Then there was a hand pulling at mine to uncover my ear. It was the guy with the green eyes. Next, thing I remember I fall into his arms and everything goes black.
Opening my eyes, I see a pair of green eyes looking back. Remembering what happened, thinking my head was going to hurt a lot but it wasn’t. Did my body go into some kind of odd shut down?
“Where I’m I?” Sitting up I don’t know this place but then again why would I.
“You’re in an empty room; they wouldn’t stop fighting on where to take you. So I put you here,”
“Why?” I realized what I just said. “I mean thank you.”
“No, you mean why?” He said raising an eye brow.
I just gave him a guilty smile.
“I mean what I said in there.” He was looking at the wall behind me.
“Same here.” I said. It went quite.
I went to stand up but I became dizzy. He helped sit me back down.
“I’m Trew.” I think he was trying to take my mind off of my own mind.
“I’m Syrah.” I said.
The door opened and a Collected woman was standing there. She was covered in pink from her head to her toes. She had five beaded necklace of all different sizes and big round glasses; her hair was a bright orange.
“How are you?” She asked smiling at me.
“I’m fine.” I said.
“It’s night. Would you like me to walk you home?” The Collected asked.
“No, thank you. I’ll be just fine.”
“Well, goodnight both of you.” She smiled and walking away.
Standing up I didn’t feel dizzy this time.
“Are you sure you’re alright.” Trew asked.
“Yes, I think.”
Once we got outside the moonlight was shining bright and the street lights were dimly shining.
“I’ll walk you home.” He didn’t ask
In the dark it’s hard to see the color of the clothing. Because of that, people couldn’t tell that a Collected and an Immunity were walking together. Was this a new step into a new path? Looking over his green eye were so bright in the dark; I’ve never seen eyes like that.
“Syrah?” He said. I snapped my head forward.
It was quite think he must of change his mind about whatever he was going to say. As we walked no one was looking. I could help but think what would happen if people could see us. We aren’t fighting we are just walking, peace between him and I; a Collected and an Immunity.
“This is mine.” I said pointing across the street to small house with the yellow paint. “Thanks.”
“My pleasure.” He smiled. “Well, I better get going; this is a good place for an Immunity.” He whispered.
Walking towards my house, looking back the shape of his seems the glow in the moonlight when he fades away.
The market was filled with smells from fresh bread to home made hand creams. The road was cover in little carts, set up tables and booths, one side was gray and the other, colors. Never really thinking about how it was. This was the only way I knew how sopping worked. Collected on our side and an Immunity on their. I never had seen any Collected buying from an Immunity; or the other way around. What if I walked over there and asked to buy something? Would they say no? This it’s a joke?
You can tell by one look that I was Collected; my bright green dress told you that. My hair was hanging at my shoulder today. I never really like dresses but today was my great aunts birthday; we’re heading to her place to dine tonight.
As I followed my mother up and down the road for about a half hour my eyes keep drafting over to the Immunity side. I meet eye seen a girl about my age. Her eyes were looking over my dress. I couldn’t help but think what life would be like not wearing color. Never wear my favorite blue top or the rainbow socks my friend has made me. Once our eyes me she looks away with an exercises as if she was caught doing something wrong.
My mother would have to be the hardest person to please when it comes to shopping. I watch as two young Immunity boys followed the mother around while she did her shopping. No fighting, playing just walking behind her. Then looking at the Collected side the children are playing games while their parent shopped. How could two species be so different? Why do we choice to live like this?
A small rock hit the side of my shoe. Looking around thinking is was some kids playing by but no kids were playing with rocks. Turning and looking to the Immunity side. There I was greeted by a set of green eyes. Smiling and he nodded his head.
“What are you smiling at?” My mother said.
Looked quickly away from Trew, stumbled over my words trying to think of something “Thinking of what go get great aunt.” Even though I already had her gift; a brightly colored candle set.
“Well, you better go find something.” Mother sighed.
Nodding my head; acting like I am looking for a gift. My eyes dart back to where I last seen Trew and for a split second my heart stopped but I didn’t know why? He then walked right in front of me ten feet away, hands in his pockets his eyes darted to an empty alley no one uses.
“I’m going to look somewhere else.” Mother nodded not looking to see where I was going.
Walking into the alley Trew was at the end. He smiled when I got closer.
“Hello.” A simple word, that meant so much.
“Hello.” I smiled back.
Just looking at each other. Immunity and Collected only a few feet away.
“I don’t know why, or even understand, but I could stop thinking about you last night.” Trew said.
“Same here.”
“Syrah.” He said tucking a bunch of her hair behind her era. “What are you going to do?” He then adds “Our people can’t live like this much longer.”
“I don’t know.” Syrah could now hear her mother calling her. “But I have to go.”
Leaving before he could say anything. For rest of the night she could only think about what Trew said, was it true. Did he really mean it? The only time I didn’t think of it was when my father’s sister said she was getting married to Lilly, her girlfriend. I was happy for them, they are in love and we Collected are strong believers in loving who you want. But I know they wouldn’t feel the same way if it was an Immunity and Collected.
Walking to class, couldn’t help but think how much I wanted to see Trew. See if there was anything we could do. Thinking about a world were, Collecteds’ and Immunutys’ shopped, went to school together and never thought twice about our differences; seemed too good to be true. My eyes once again start looking for Trew after my classes. I noticed him over by a field. Once we made eye contact he nodded his head towards the field, which lead to a hill. I watch as he started making his way though the tall grass.
“See ya.” I said to peers and headed off.
Thought the grass I fallowed the path Trew had made. Soon, I was on the other side of the hill. There I could see him heading down a small path. I took off after him. Once, I reached him we were in woods. The sunlight danced around us as it made it way the tree tops. No words were said as we walked. It was nice, felt right.
He then walked off the path, I followed. Soon we can to a little cliff that over looked the river. It wasn’t very high about eight feet the most. We both sat with our feet off the edge.
“Did you mean it?” I asked, breaking the quietness.
“Yea, there should be a way that we all can live together in a peace.” I watched him as he spoke.
“I mean look at us.” He then smiled at me.
“Wouldn’t our parents freak if they knew where we were and with whom.” I said.
“Yes, they would.” He now was smiling to himself.
“What is it?” I asked.
“It’s just, you’re a Collected, and I’m an Immunity.” He said.
“Yes, but we are both humans.”
“Yes, indeed.” He moved his hand brushing mine.
“Do you really not remember anything about life before this?” I asked.
“No, and no one I know will tell me, anything.” Trew said.
“Don’t you find that odd?”
“I want to know. Maybe it has something to do with how we are now.” I said, watching the river.
“It’s possible, but I’ve asked and every time I get the same answer. ‘It’s the past; let’s leave it where it belongs.’”
Weeks after weeks, Trew and I have met on the cliff everyday. Bring each other any piece of information. Searching my house but there was nothing there that would help. Trew did find a map. We recognized some of the landmarks on the map. We realized that the map was our city but the map was three times bigger then just our city. Witch means that the elders know these lands better then they let us believe. Growing up I was told never to leave town. That they didn’t know what was out there.
“Why would they lie?” I asked Trew.
I handed him some different shaped dry breads.
“I would like to know.”
My legs were cross and the map sat between us.
“What are these?” Trew asked.
“There pieces of dry breads, we call it dream bread.” I said popping a few in my mouth.
We’ve been bringing each others foods, books, anything that will help us learn about each others lives. We still don’t have a plan of how to bring our people together. Or how we got here but we do know that we are in this together.
“Your turn to bring some food.” I whispered to Trew.
It was dark and a storm was moving in. As always, he was walking me home. At first, I told him he didn’t have to but he said he would. After the first week I gave up, letting him walk me home. Half way there we heard a group of people. We couldn’t tell if they were Collecteds’ or Immunutys’. But once they walked under a streetlight we seen it was both. My heart skipped when I notice one of the men as my father.
“That’s my father.” Trew and I said.
We looked at each other; unsure what to do.
“We can’t do this any longer.” Said a man.
“We have no choice.” Another answered.
I then felt Trew slip his hand in mine; pulling us closer.
“The younger generations has the right to know.” My father said.
“I agree.” Another man said.
“Are you willing to tell them?”
“That’s my father.” Trew said.
“If I have to.”
“We shouldn’t be talking about this there.”
The other men agreed. I was now holding tightly onto Trew’s hand. They began to walk away, down the read, and to the alley Trew and I went down so long ago. This time I lead the way but by the time we got there, all that we seen was a brick door closing.

This story belongs to me. I wrote it.

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