Friday, June 13, 2014

Movella of the Week

The Fault in Our Stars is more then amazing. It takes us on a roller-coaster of feelings throughout the pages. After the last few page I know I wasn't the only one who wonder what happens to Hazel. A young writer has taken this change and developed an amazing short story called The End. Alys Jones a young writer on Movellas has written a story that took my breath away. Her ability to capture a writing style that is her own but still sounds like the Hazel that we've came to love, the one John Green created oh so well. The End is a bitter sweet short story, that was similar to how I as a read of The Fault in Our Stars, thought about how Hazel's ending of her own story would go. I did find tears in my eyes as I read the words to this short story. The Witness, the heart and so much more that Alys Jones as able to put into this story she made is one that many The Fault in Our Stars fans will enjoy! 

Alys Jones Tumblr:

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