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Author’s bio:
Izabel (Izi) Vasileva was born Apr 1991 in Bulgaria, where she grew up surrounded by loving friends and family, who have always encouraged her to follow her dreams and always supported her decision despite the fact how crazy they were sometimes.
At the age of 18 she decided to move to UK to study and follow her dreams, that’s when a lot of people she knew told her ‘You can’t do it.’. Izi as stubborn as she stood her ground and told them ‘Just watch me.’, which is what she says every time someone doubts her abilities.
In 2009 she moved to Canterbury, where on her own she faced the challenges of being independent and living away from home. She learned quickly to adapt and made many new friends along the way.
Books have been a passion of hers for a while. She likes to get lost between the pages of a good fiction. Her favorites are YA novel and the very first book that captured her attention completely was Twilight.
After some unfortunate events with one of her friends, Izi finally decided to put the idea, which has been in her head for couple of months, on paper. That’s how Izi’s first novel The Prison of Oblivion was born.
The author loves expressing her feeling through her stories, but fully realizes that she needs to write more and learn more about writing before she becomes one of the authors, who readers truly admire.
To all the readers the author says ‘If you like fiction and YA novel, give me a chance.’.



The Prison of Oblivion, a young adult novel, follows the journey of Storm Earls. A typical teenage girl from London, whose parents get involved in a dangerous project, creating the most addictive drug, 'Oblivion'.
To ensure the continuation of the project and the cooperation from the Earls family, the company behind it sends young Storm, to a deserted island. Where Storm's curiosity takes over and she begins a journey of discovery. The young teenagers is desperate to uncover the truth about her exile and return home.
Would young Storm menage to survive the countless battles and find her way home?

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