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    So, yeah... I’m like the last person in the world to read “Divergent” but no lets downs on waiting so long. I found the whole world one that pulled me in. I was never quite sure what was going to happen next when the next page would start. I did find the twist and turns good ones. Other than the end when… you most likely know what happens. I wish that hadn't have to happened but I see where that plays part in the next story. “Four” (Calling him that one because it’s a sick name & two incase there’s someone who hasn’t read the story yet) would have to be my favorite because to me there are many sides to him and as the story moved forwarded we get to see him and learn why he is who he is. The idea behind this story and all its different character is one that I understand more than I thought I would. While reading, I could help but this what’s the meaning to this. What’s to be learned. (As, I’m a strong believe that every story has a lesson, big or small, within its pages.) The main on in this one it being yourself and stand up for what you believe; two things I strongly believe in myself. So, I enjoy that.
     The character are all different, I don’t like reading stories where the character are simpler to each others. But this one is one that they all stand out in there own ways and plays a part in to the story. Thumbs up to that author there!
Most of my favorite parts were between just “Tris” and “Four”. For example, the scene with the ferris wheel is one I’m still think about, I’m not sure why but there’s something simple, sweet but dangerous all at the same time.
    So, now that I go this random, choppy, review done. I’m going to get it with two things. One if you haven’t read it, you should. Second one of my favorite lines from the story! 
    P.S. I like the book better then the movie.

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