#ReadingCram Teaser Challenge - Chills & Thrills Readathon

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Oct 25--Teaser Challenge--randomly open the book you are reading and post 2 sentences from the read ADDING/SUBSTITUTING IN 3 spooky/Halloween words of your choosing into the teaser! Post on Twitter, blogs, YouTube, etc. Hosted by Andrew@ Endlessly Reading
I tried to keep my ghost-white face calm, but my mind was whirring with spooky thoughts. I was keen to find out what frightened creature of the dark was responsible for the brutal murder.
Teaser from....

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  1. oehh. I love that! I'm having a hard time coming up with a good teaser :P The sentences I got are a bit awkward.
    The cover of A new darkness is so creepy! I love it ^.^

    1. That's. Yea, it is a bit awkward but its all good!
      Right the cover is creepy.... but would have be one of my favorite creepy covers! :D
      Thanks for stopping by!


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