Influenster Box #1 Part 2 ( #NoTextRed )

3:23 PM

Let me start with... I love this gloss. It's smooth, smells sweetly amazing (I got the mix berry one) and let just say it doesn't taste to bad. ;) Drink tea leads to tasting it a bit.
  Unlike some lip gloss/Chapstick/Lip Balm I can feel the lip balm work. Filling it help make my lips better softer and less dry. With winter coming I could be more happier to have this.
Nice, small and easily slips into pocket or bag. It seem like it'll last long I've had it for two plus weeks, using it everyday (more than once) and just yesterday could I feel an imprint from using it.
I'm going to take a second to say I love the style. It's simple, clean but fits nicely into my style without standing out. The colored button is just right dash of colors so it doesn't look like they're trying to stand out or anything. I'm tell you should go out and pick yourself up some. You'll not be sorry for having this little one with you.  


Next I want to talk about the nail polish that was also sent to me as well. It's the "NO TEXT RED" and I'm in love with it. There is one problem I have with it, (this is not the first time I've used this brand & the same problem I have with the others) Is that I find it to be a bit runny. This lead to a bit of a mess, but the color of it & how well/long it stays on makes up for this problem. The red is amazing! It's bright, bold! When it colors to my nail polish (I have over 50) the color and how long it stays plays a huge part in if I will be buying more from the company. SinfulColors is one that I will be buying from as there colors are strong, long lasting.

   For a moment I want to talk about "NO TEXT RED" this is simply one of the best ideas. I do NOT text and drive. I don't even walk and text. I've read/heard of some many heartbreaking stories about texting & driving. And lets face it most of them could have been stopped if texting was taking part. For this I'll be retweeting 'NO TEXT RED' tweets. Showing my support of putting a stop to texting & driving.

More Influenster reviews coming soon!

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