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So, yes! You read that right. I finally got my first Influenster box a few days ago. I couldn't wait to open and see what goodies they sent me. I must say it was a good box for it being my first time. Now, I'm going to to talk about each item I got. What I like, what I didn't. What I think could have made them better; your get it. Review them. Below are photos (I took, not the best but it works) of each thing I got! So lets get started!

 This pen is perfect, there is not one thing I would change about. (It takes a bit for the ink to flow but after that I have not had any problems.) This pen is slink, smooth. It glides nicely on the paper and looks great! On the plus side it's a pen comes with a eraser. (Right on top) I've used erasable pen before in the past and there always seems to be marks left behind... not with this pen. It erasers it all with no marks left behind. I use the blue on almost everyday! I do a lot of note taking and while I do I sometimes write quickly, that leads to mess-ups. (Hint) why I love the erasable-ness of this pen. Also, there some simple but neat design above the grip. The grip is just right to, not to soft are hard; there's no slickness that some new pens tend to have.

P.S. it comes in purple I need to get that one!

It clicks nicely as well!

Keep an eye out for my reviews of all the other items I've gotten from Influenster!

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